The Research Online data management team has been affiliated with the Julius Center at UMC Utrecht for more than 15 years. Our growing team now has 20 enthusiastic professionals, consisting of (senior) data managers and software developers. 

Working with researchers, our experienced, highly qualified data managers are able to translate any clinical study protocol into a high-quality eCRF on the Research Online platform. This guarantees the proper, consistent and complete collection of data.

In addition to their broad knowledge in the area of online data–gathering, our data managers are also highly skilled in all other aspects of data management for clinical studies. We make skilful use of our in-depth knowledge of SAS to enhance, clean and link data not collected with eCRF data with the help of Research Online. In the end, everything we do is designed to provider researchers with a complete and reliable dataset from which statistical analyses can be carried out.

Our data managers work closely with software developers to create targeted new functionalities for clinical studies. Research Online has been developed on the sophisticated MENDIX platform, enabling us to operate quickly, securely and with total control.

The data management team has been involved in large-scale international clinical studies since 2006. Our data management service, combined with the use of Research Online, has always ensured that valuable, top-quality data is collected. This has resulted in long-term collaboration with leading international researchers and continuous grow of international studies.


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