Research Online is the ideal tool to collect clinical research data in a professional, user friendly and secure  way.


The strict laws and regulations governing clinical research mean that the task of gathering data has to be thoroughly secure and reliable. Research Online takes care of this aspect of your study for you, enabling you to focus fully on the research. In particular, the role-based access provided by Research Online means that the people working on the study can only carry out actions on the system for which they are  authorized – and they can only access data relating to their own study participants.

And to prevent fraud, the detailed electronic audit trail makes sure that every data entry action is securely logged.

This enables Research Online to comply fully with the GCP guidelines for electronic data collecting in terms of protecting data integrity and securing the information collected. Complex validation rules have also been added to the CRF to ensure that the data collected is complete, consistent and correct – and of the highest quality.

Only authorised, role-based access to the website with SSL encryption
Data is stored at a data center that meets the highest possible security requirements (ISO 27001, NEN7510, SSAE 16, ISAE 3402)

Data is stored automatically and daily backups make sure that no data is ever lost

GCP-compliant: fully traceable data collection, from logging in to data modification



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