Using the appropriate add-ons, Research Online can be put to excellent use in large-scale, complex international studies. However, carrying out data management tasks for such complex clinical studies is something that needs to be done by experienced professional data managers. This guarantees the most important asset of any clinical study: a complete and reliable analysis dataset.

Researchers working on large-scale, complex studies will also be pleased to subcontract the implementation of the eCRF and other data management tasks to a professional data management team. This means that researchers can then concentrate fully on the other aspects of the research with the reassurance that their data collection requirements are in good hands. The Research Online data management team is able to carry out all tasks relating to setting up and outputting data management on large-scale, complex in a professional manner.  


Work on data management for a clinical study can be carried out entirely by researchers themselves, or else those tasks can be subcontracted to our Research Online data management team. In doing so, researchers define which tasks are to be contracted out and which ones they will carry out themselves. Once agreement has been reached about the tasks to be carried out for a study, the senior data manager will draw up a data management plan. Based on this plan, the data manager in question will set up and implement the study in close cooperation with the researcher.


To receive an obligation-free cost estimate for the use of Research Online and/or data management services, please contact us.


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